Rauner Schocked by big labor


In the wake of the Illinois Education Association’s endorsement of Kirk Dillard, Bruce Rauner and the state labor unions have been tangled in a bloody bout. Rauner has the money on his side, so it appears the tilt is leaning his way, but while he tramples the working men and women of Illinois a third wrestler slides in under the ropes to try and is trying to close-line the venture capitalist.

Steven Shearer has created a political committee, the Republican Fund for Progress & Jobs to hit Rauner where it hurts. Shearer, former chief of staff for Peoria Republican U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, used his organization to attack Rauner in a statewide mailing campaign including a pamphlet that rips into his financial history, his relationship with former and current mayors of Chicago and his stance on abortion.

Shearer has blamed Rauner for thwarting Schock’s attempts to run for governor of Illinois in the past. He also is one of the first to point to Rauner’s Democratic history.

The Daily Herald has more.


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